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Digital Magic Solutions

CREATING Beautiful websites that generate leads

We are Digital Marketing Specialists at heart so we dont just build beautiful websites, we create tools for businesses that help them grow.

Our websites are built with a real focus on CRO (conversion rate optimisation) to ensure that they generate our clients leads. This makes our websites an investment rather than a pure cost!

  • Designed to convert browsers into leads and customers

  • Beautiful design whilst still being lead generating machines!

  • Market leading software and plugins

  • Ongoing support, maintenance and security

WE ARE THE BEST AGENCY FOR coaches & Consultants

a Digital marketing AGENCY that understands our clients

We've worked with so many clients in the coaching, expert and consulting space that we know exactly what you need to succeed online. We'll be able to share ideas that worked well for other experts that you can easily implement to improve your business.

Sites That Sell

We build sites that are focused on coverting visitors into leads. We want you to feel this website was a quality investment in your business

A Site You're Proud Of

I'll build you a website that you'll proudly show all your firends and family (as well as your ideal clients!)

Security & Peace Of Mind

Our websites are protected by market leading security software, they are also hosted on highly rated stable servers and backed up frequently.

our best ever offer on web design

summer web design offer

50% discount on your entire order which covers:
Website design and build costs, premium addons and the first year of hosting and maintenance!

Your site will be built by an experienced web designer who will explain things in non-techy terms and hand hold you through the entire process.


  • Website Pages:

    • Home

    • About

    • Product/Service/Schedule

    • Blog/Articles

    • Contact Us

  • Premium Security, Hosting & Backup

  • Rapid loading times & Fully mobile responsive

  • Custom design & Multiple rounds of free revisions

  • No Hidden Costs

The Cost:

Example Project Cost: £1500 + £240 for the first year of hosting & maintenance

Special offer Example Project Cost: £1740 £870

50% payment (£435) upfront and 50% payment on completion.

No Hidden costs.

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Some of our recent Web Design clients:

KDB Services Ltd - New Website

KDB Services Ltd

Faifield Lodge - new website

Fairfield Lodge

Next Chapter Tattoo - New Website

Next Chapter Tattoo


Trusted by our clients

What our Customers Are Saying

We pride ourselves on nbot only being experts in all things 'techy' but we're also going to explain things to you in a language you understand so you know exactly what you're getting.

"Really great service"

Contacted Ian to review our current website which was a little dated and wasn't giving us what we needed from the site itself. Ian offered us solutions and ideas which we thought would aid in helping us gain new clients and offer a more professional and appealing website to all our customers including new sectors which we are trying to target.

After an initial zoom meeting we discussed with Ian our needs an ideas and he ran with it and created something which matched our needs. We wanted to make a few changes to the layout here and there and nothing was too big of an ask for Ian. Really great service, great guy and an effortless process which has created something which we set out to find.

Look forward to working further with Ian to propel our online presence to gain further leads. Thanks again Ian.

-Ross @ KDB Services Ltd

"I highly recommend working with Ian"

Before working with Ian, I used to struggle with all the tech stuff thats needed in my business. What would take me days, takes Ian no time to do. It's really NOT my strong point so the technical support Ian provides is invaluable. The software itself is extremely user friendly and keeps things all in one place, making analysing what is or isn't working a lot easier. I highly recommend working with Ian, it's been one of the best investments I've made in a long time.

- Nichola Page @ The HFBC

"The patience of a saint"

I broke my website... like actually broke it, and Ian had it back up and running in less than 30 minutes. The patience of a saint and an absolute genius. Thank you, Ian!

-Cordellia Kate - The Rebellious Business Coach

We bring the best things for you

We are a Digital marketing agency focused on bringing you the best solutions

Digital marketing and business software is an absolute minefield if you don't understand the technology and services available. We know what a business like yours needs and we have the products, services and support to make your life easier.

Web Design

We build beautiful websites that convert browsers into leads and customers. We dont just build brochiure websites, our sites are built with the best tools to brign the best results.


We know how to make Google show your website to the right sort of people. We can bring you new leads that are searching for your services online.

CRM Systems

We've got software solutions to make managing and communicating with your leads feel simple and effortless. From autoations to text and email communications we've got the solution.


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